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Information: Home is where we rest our heads — it is where we can completely relax, where we are able to be uninhibited, and where we are free to be ourselves. For some, home is a sanctuary. For others, it is only a place to rest. Either way, first impressions always matter most and quality work will always be priceless. At Curtis & Curtis Tile & Stone, we promise that your first impression of the quality of our work will always be remembered.
We specialize in both commercial and residential masonry, stone work, ceramic tile, and slab fabrication, amongst other services. The interior stone contractor who works with you will be no less than enthusiastic, cooperative, and ready to be at your service. All of our employees are well-trained, licensed professionals whose expertise surpasses all others.
Our masonry service provides high-quality construction at appropriate prices that won't be hard on your budget. We understand that all home improvement projects, both interior and exterior, can take up much of your time and money and can be overwhelming at times. Our skilled experts here will help keep every project you take on fun and exciting. Regardless of any issue we might encounter, we will use our expertise and experience to ensure that everything will be completed on time and within the allotted budget. We are also aware of your desire for the outcome of the project to be pristine and we always remember this so that it is fulfilled. We take our work here, at Curtis & Curtis Tile & Stone, very seriously and we do everything possible to satisfy each and every client we work with in order to maintain their trust and the strong reputation we hold for our great services and prices here, at Curtis & Curtis Tile & Stone.
We are the premier company that offers all types of masonry services. We encourage all people to consider having this type of work performed somewhere on their property because it will always be a timeless classic. When working with Curtis & Curtis Tile & Stone, you will have the expertise of our true stone professionals. Learn More

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