Interior Stone Contractor

Roseville, CA

Natural stone is back and it's taking the residents of Roseville, CA by storm. We don't mean on the outside, but on the interior surfaces of the home. Natural stone is giving homeowners a great way to make a bold statement in their interior décor.
If you want to add a unique touch to your home, you should begin by contacting us, Curtis & Curtis Tile & Stone. It pays to have an experienced interior stone contractor in your corner when making such an important decision. We'll not only help you choose the perfect stone for the right effect, but also install it for you.
Stone tiles make the perfect addition to the home. Whether you choose a glass tile for that glamorous touch or a naturally cut stone tile for a natural eclectic effect, you can match natural stone tiles to just about any interior décor scheme.
Our technicians are experts in the installation of stone tiles. With years of experience and regular training to back us, we are able to achieve just about any effect that our clients are looking for. We take pride in the quality of work we put out. This is evident in the finished product. You won't find the same high quality in craftsmanship as we offer.
We stock a wide range of natural stone. Visit our showroom to speak to one of our representatives. They'll take you through the features of the various stone tiles that you're interested in and help you make a choice. We'll also have one of our technicians come down to your home for a survey. With the information gathered from this visit, we can provide you with an accurate quotation for the installation of your stone tiles.
If you're looking for quality stone or tile for the interior of your home, get in touch with us.