Stone Work

Granite Bay, CA

Whether you want to give your interior a new breathe of life or are planning for a new construction, it is important to consider the different materials available and the visual impact they give. We at Curtis & Curtis Tile & Stone can provide you with an easy way to add a dramatic and glamorous touch to your home.
We offer a wide variety of interior stone tile that is perfect for just about any surface in the home. We are experts in natural stone work for just about any surface imaginable. Our natural stone will give your home an architecturally decorative touch that no other material can give. With the help of our expert stone masons, you can achieve a dramatic effect on your interior walls, floors or countertops.
We stock a wide variety of natural stones including marble. Our stones come in various colors and feature various finishes. The varying patterns will ensure that you're spoilt for choice when the time comes to make a decision.
If you're in the Granite Bay, CA area and are looking for a way to add a touch of glamour to the interior of your home, give us a call right away or visit our showroom. Our representatives will be happy to take you through the different stones available in different colors and finishes. We will help you make a decision based on the finished look that you're going for.
We offer highly competitive prices. You can compare our prices with other suppliers in the area if you don't believe us. Our products are high quality and will give you a lifetime of service if given the right care.
Don't waste your time and money on low quality products. We offer you high quality as well as the benefit of highly experienced installation technicians. Get in touch with us now.